Meet Scott Cameron, Founder, Penn Street Construction

Scott is a 3rd generation Denver native, growing up in the Washington Park neighborhood and graduating from the University of Denver. Pursuing an early passion for community involvement, he worked in the political campaign world from small local races, up through gubernatorial and presidential campaigns. Following those adventures, he worked as a Senior Project Manager at a tech startup in Denver before finding his way into the construction industry in 2015. 

In 2017, Scott went out on his own and started Penn Street Construction, named after his grandfather’s filling station and auto repair shop on 13th and Pennsylvania in Denver, The Penn Street Garage. 

Scott now lives with his wife and 2 dogs just west of Denver. In the spring, summer and fall their free time is spent gardening, mountain biking, hunting, and spending time at their cabin near Bailey CO. In the winter they ski as often as possible at Winter Park.

Scott Cameron, Owner, Penn Street Construction